Heat Waves & Heathen Ways Playlist

Summertime indie rock and guitar pop from the 2000s. Stream on Spotify (14 songs, 55 min).

  1. Lady Daydream by Twin Sister
  2. Postcards From Italy by Beirut
  3. I Cried Like A Silly Boy by Devotchka
  4. Looks Just Like The Sun by Broken Social Scene
  5. How Long Have You Known by Diiv
  6. Out Of Tune by Real Estate
  7. Sad Over You by Guantanamo Baywatch
  8. What You Were by The Drums
  9. Happy As Can Be by Cut Off Your Hands
  10. Where I’m Going by Cut Copy
  11. Take It Easy by Surfer Blood
  12. Shy Billy by White Denim
  13. A Postcard To Nina by Jens Lekman
  14. Kiwi Maddog 20/20 by Elliott Smith
  15. Hellhole Ratrace by Girls